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fluid mediums
matte medium
polymer medium

Fluid Mediums by Golden Acrylics

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Mediums & Additives for acrylic paint let you control the transparency, viscosity and sheen of your paint. Extend paint so the tube goes further too. Golden Fluid Acrylic Mediums are the choice of many experienced artists. 

Matte Medium

A general purpose, pourable medium used for extending color, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. It can also be used to create a nearly clear ground on canvas instead of gesso. 

Fluid Matte Medium

A liquid medium used for extending colors, decreasing gloss, and increasing film integrity. Works great with Golden Fluid Acrylics to maintain consistency.

Polymer Medium (Gloss)

An acrylic, liquid medium used to create glazes, extend colors, enhance gloss and transparency and increase film integrity. This gloss medium has an oil feel that promotos flow and leveling.

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