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oil paint by gamblin artist's oil colors
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Gamblin Classical Oil Paint Color Swatches
Gamblin Impressionist Oil Paint Color Swatches
Gamblin Modern Oil Paint Color Swatches
Gamblin Metal Oil Paint Color Swatches
Gamblin Radiant Oil Paint Color Swatches
Gamblin White through Black Oil Paint Color Swatches

Aritst's Oil Colors (Paints) by Gamblin

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Leading the way in quality oil paints and medium, with advancements in safety in mind, Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors are some of the best oil paints available and our #1 reccomended brand. 

These oil paints are made with fine pigments for true color and historical working properties. Also, the pigment loads are maximized, allowing for you to mix the paint from the tube with healthy quantities of mediums, saving you money down the road.. The pigments used in Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors are pure... cobalt is real cobalt... cadmium is real cadmium... as opposed to mixes of lesser quality pigments that are intended to be simular. 

Gamblin offeres colors that suit your work no matter your painting style. From traditional realism to contemporary abstraction, there is a wide selection of colors for you to create with! View the swatche on this webpage or click here to open a pdf document with color swatches and properties of Gamblin Oil Artist's Oils.

Non-toxic when used as recommended by Gamblin, most paint colors are mixed with alkali-refined linseed oil as the binder. This type of binder makes it so, over time, paintings yellow less than paints made with cold press linseed oil, the binder traditionally found in oil paints. Some of Gamblins colors use safflower oil as a binder; which is another type of vegetable-based oil and completely non-toxic. (As a matter of fact, they are often used in health and beauty products.)

Read more about Safety and Gamblin Oil Paints on their website. (click here)


Robert Gamblin talks about his product line:

Navigating Color Space and Mixing Pigments:

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