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landscape in frame
detail of picture frame
detail of mat boards

Landscape Painting in Picture Frame

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Pastel paintings are unique in how they are framed. An important consideration is that pastels, even when fixed with a varnish, can often still be smeared by touch. Also, even the oldest pastel painting still "dust"; sometimes causing little bits of pastel paint to get between the mat board and the glass. To solve this two-fold problem, a space of approximately 1/8" is left between the painting and the mat board. This ensures a) the surface of the painting is protected from being touched by the mat boards and b) any pastel dust that fall off of the painting over the years will fall behind the mat board and not become wedged in between the glass and mat where visible. 

For this pastel painting of a wintery landscape scene, three mats where used to bring out subtle elements of the painting. A wood picture frame was chosen to complement the overall aesthetics of the painting and work well within the design of the collector's home. Museum glass, which has UV protection and very low reflective properties (it's almost invisible!), protects the art.  

Artist: H.R. Fimann

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