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1980 Oils by Gamblin
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1980 Oil Paints by Gamblin Artists Colors

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A wonderful solution for students and those who wish to paint at a lower cost, Gamblin 1980 Oil Paints are likely the best value per dollar available to oil painters. What is unique about these oil paints, as opposed to other "student-grade" paints, is that they use pure pigments. That's right! Cobalt is cobalt and cadmium is cadmium. Other value oil paints use "a bunch of stuff that is kinda like cobalt (or insert other mineral here) to make a pigment; resulting in lesser vibrancy and color intensity.

So, what's the difference between 1980 paints and Gamblin's higher quality line, Artist's Oil Colors? The pigment load! In other words, what you lose with a student-grade paint is the ability to cut a medium into the paint-out-of-the-tube as far.  And unlike many other student grade oil paints that use gel or wax fillers and less expensive pigments, Gamblin uses only pure true pigments and linseed oil, mixed with calcium carbonate, marble dust. This way the student gets true color, not an approximation, in an affordable price range.

Gamblin's 1980 oil paints (originally called artists' sketching oils) are available in 48 colors.

Click here to download a printable color chart.

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