Best of Bucks County Framing Store
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Photo of Margaret Mattheson
Margaret Mattheson
Owner, Art Material Specialist

Having arrived at Phoenix after a long & winding road as a Teacher, Lawyer, Realtor, Artist, Personal Assistant, and Marketing Director—just to name a few—Margaret has found her true calling.

Since 2008, Margaret has been sculpting Phoenix into the local go–to location for artists and appreciators of art that it is today.

Photo of Jenny Schaeffer
Jenny Schaeffer
Framing Manager, Design Expert

With over 30 years of experience as a custom framer, Jenny uses her extensive knowledge, passion, and energy to keep our bustling frame shop moving.

Jenny is warm and friendly and great at listening to her customers, which allows her to work with you to design the perfect framing solution for your needs.

Photo of Catrina Horsfield
Catrina Horsfield
Art Materials Specialist, Framing Designer

Catrina moved from loyal customer to on-the-floor sales person. She's our go-to specialist for all things watercolor and very savvy at drawing with oils and acrylic too.

She shares her enthusiasm for art supplies and the cool ways they can be used; while supporting and encouraging every level of artist. And she's always glad to have a conversation about cats!

Photo of Josh Woodroffe
Josh Woodroffe
Art Materials Specialist, Business Development

A specialty retail veteran who has been with us for over 5 years, Josh now operates his own website design and photography company just upstairs from Phoenix. Of course, this means Josh is responsible for all of Phoenix's website and marketing needs! With his quick mind, sly wit, and professional attitude, he assists framing and art supply customers with knowledgeable, friendly service and familiarity of the store's products.

Due to the busy schedule of running his own business, you'll only find Josh in the store on Thursdays and the occasional weekend. If you ask him why he still works a Phoenix, he'll likely tell you "they won't let me quit"! But ask him again and he'll admit that he still enjoys working with Margaret, Jenny and Catrina and seeing all the familiar customers and meeting new ones.