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40 ART

Late July 2021 (TBD)

Bucks County's BIGGEST little Art Show

Every July, 100's of artists ranging from beginner to well–established submit their artwork to Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing's 40 ART event. All artwork submitted is 5" x 7" and unsigned*.

All artwork is priced at $40 per and sold anonymously, online.

All images are from previous events.

The details for the 2021 show are still in the works.

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Want to submit your artwork?
Everyone is welcome and all artwork is exhibited.
Entries are not juried, but criteria below must be met.
Entry dates: TBD
Rules for Entry

– Maximum of 3 entries per artist. Each entry is $5 per entry.

– Outside dimensions of artwork must be 5" x 7". Artwork may not exceed or be smaller than 5" x 7".

– Artwork may be matted (to the outside dimension of 5" x 7") but NOT FRAMED. Matting is optional; not necessary. The must is an outside dimension of 5" x 7".

UNSIGNED. No signature or identifying mark on the front of the artwork. (You may sign or attach a business card to the back.)

– Open to any medium on any surface and any subject.

– Photography is accepted but must have a solid backing board (Foam core is recommended.) Also, due to buyer feedback over recent years, photographs that have been digitally filtered to look like traditional art media, like watercolor or other paints, are acceptable BUT will be labeled as “Digitally Filtered Photograph”.

– Giclees and other types of reproduced prints not accepted. Original artwork only.

– Artwork that is fragile or not fixed or dry (sculpture, pastel, wet paint) should be protected accordingly. We take every precaution to protect your work, but given the volume of entries sometimes these conditions make it more difficult. We reserve the right to refuse such work, due to the likelihood of damage to the artwork or to other artwork that may get damages or altered by contact (this has happened!)

All artwork will be priced at $40. Artist receives $25 if their artwork sells. Artists will be notified a few days after the end of the show of the sold/unsold status of their artwork. Payment for sold artwork will be mailed within a few days of the show.

Finally, though we have never yet needed to exercise it, we reserve the right to not include offensive pieces.

Note: All unsold artwork must be picked up by August 8, 2020. Artwork that is not picked up will be disposed of.

*At the buyers request, we will provide the artist's contact info (phone and/or email)—to enable the buyer to arrange a signing of the work. (We do not make these arrangements). We will provide this contact information unless specifically requested that we do not by the artist. Buyers and artists are welcome to meet at Phoenix during regular business hours for signing.