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Testimonials from the Local Art Community

We thank our patrons and appreciate your support and thoughts about our store.
We will always strive to continue providing you with the best in art supplies and framing, supported by a friendly, knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service.

Thank you!

Fantastic art resource in [] Doylestown, PA.

—Matt LeRay (link)
Thanks for the nice visit today! Art supply shopping is always fun at Phoenix!! I'll send my students down!

—Pamela Ptak  
Wonderful art store. You have to stop in. Love it

—Veronica Honer  
My greatest works have always depended on three essential ingredients: tea, dough and Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing.

—Jay McPhillips (link)
I love this place! Unlike many other so called art supply stores - you can get the help you need, along with the recommendations & supplies you're looking for! ***** Five Stars for a store that meets my artistic needs!

—Deborah Engisch–Platt  
Fantastic [framing] work!

—Joe Joe Furlong  
Just picked up my painting from being framed! Phoenix did such a great job!! And Jenny could not have been nicer! Thank you so much!!!

—Joanne Grant (link)
Since the economic downturn I committed myself to making my art media purchases primarily at Phoenix Art Supplies and Framing because I value the personal, friendly service and quality of materials which are unsurpassed by megastores offering bargains.

—Dorothy Heine Rudolph  
I have a gallery in Lambertville where I sell my work but to my surprise I couldn’t find a good place to get my art supplies in New Hope or Lambertville. Then I discovered Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing in Doylestown. What a great find! They know their materials and if they don’t have what I need, they order it for me. Plus it’s always a fun visit. Perfect.

—Gary Giordano  
I recently completed a commissioned piece for a client and when it came to framing, I told my customer the only place I would consider suggesting was Phoenix Art Supplies and Framing. Their extensive, unusual, and gorgeous selection of frames coupled with(the staff's) incredible artistic and creative eyes make for the best possible marriage of artwork and framing.

—Materese Roche (link)
I send my students down the street in Doylestown to Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing all the time for the art supplies they need for class. I especially love their sanded pastel papers.
—Amanda Layre (link)
…the magic that happens [as a result of custom picture framing] to a piece of artwork with [the assistance of] a designer's eye and craftsmanship makes all the difference to whether a show is a success or failure. Jenny is that designer and craftsman. She is a professional in every sense of the word, as is Josh and yourself, Margaret. As an artist I feel confident in placing my trust in your design choices when it comes to framing. Let's face it, when it comes to framing, ignorance ain’t bliss, it can be costly in terms of sales or no sales.

—Robert Miele  
Great show and opening last night. [40 Art] Thanks for all the hard work, it's much appreciated by us all in the art community.
—Pam Convery–Hamilton  
I am a loyal fan of Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing. What a great team! They have helped me out time and time again when I needed supplies or my paintings framed (often under the gun)! Excellent work!

—Victoria France Stavish (link)