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40 ART

Bucks County's BIGGEST little Art Show

July 28, 2023

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News & Notes

Celebrate your successes and your failures!
Sep 17th, 2023
As artists, we can be our own worst critic. It is so important to embrace every stage of our artistic journey. Please remember to be kind to yourself.
Jenny with Rob Barrett on the "Phoenix 5"
Jul 5th, 2023
Talking the "Phoenix 5" with outstanding local artist Rob Barrett, hosted by Jenny Schaeffer, Owner of Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing.
James Dupress - Winner, Best Abstract, Ellarslie Open
Jun 24th, 2023
James Dupree won the Best Abstract Award, sponsored by Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing, at the Ellarslie Open 40, Trenton City Museum @ Ellarslie.
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