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Acrylic Molding Pastes

Acrylic Molding Pastes by Golden

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Golden Acrylic Molding Pastes can add a variety of effects and finishes to acrylic paints. Unlike gels, molding pastes are opaque and can create a white finish. The absorbent qualities of molding pastes make it a great ground for nearly every painting and drawing media. Available in five different styles to fit the artist's needs.

  • Molding Paste: great for building surfaces and creating textures. Once dried, it is hard yet flexible and opaque. Blends well with colors.
  • Extra Heavy Molding Paste: a blend of extra heavy gel gloss and molding paste. Once dried, this has a satin, semi-opaque finish that is great for increasing viscosity and building surfaces.
  • Hard Molding Paste: once dried, it is extremely hard and opaque that creates tough, durable finishes for smooth or textured surfaces. It can also be carved into with hand or power tools once dry.
  • Light Molding Paste: a dramatic weight reduction that can be used in creating large artworks and have thick material build-up. Dries to an opaque, matte finish and designed to hold stiff peaks for highly textured surfaces.
  • Coarse Molding Paste: a thick, warm white colored medium that is translucent up to 1/8" thickness. Dries to a hard and stiff flexible film with a tooth. Accepts both wet and dry media and holds good peaks.

An overview of Molding Pastes:

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