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Primed canvas
Linen Canvas
cotton canvas
linen canvas

Rolls of Loose Canvas by the Yard

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Canvas from the roll is a perfect option for the artists who wants uncommon sizes of canvas or to just prefers to stretch their own canvasses. Stretch canvas over stretcher bars (strips) for your own custom size.  Rolls are typically 62" wide and sold in length by the yard (3 feet).

Rolled canvas is available as:

  • Unprimed Cotton
    • Unbleached cotton canvas ready for acrylic gesso or oil primers. Perfect for use with oil, acrylic and spray paints.
  • Triple-primed Cotton
    • Unbleached cotton canvas which has already been primed with an acid-free titanium acrylic gesso. Perfect for use with oil, acrylic and spray paints.
  • Unprimed Linen
    • Unbleached Belgian linen canvas ready for oil or acrylic primer/gesso. Perfect for use with oil, acrylic and spray paints.
    • Typically has a tighter weave than cotton canvas. 

Commonly in stock are rolled canvas by Winsor & Newton and Art Alternatives.

Interested in a custom size canvas but don't want to stretch your own? Ask us! We'd be happy to assist.

Artist who choose to stretch their own canvas my also be interested in: Evolon AP hi-tech microfiber art surface.


Click here to watch a video about how to stretch an art canvas (will take you to website).

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