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Princeton Real Value Brush Sets

RealValue Brushes by Princeton Art & Brush Co.

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Brushes are available in many different qualities. If your needs call for an economical set of paint brushes, then RealValue brushes by Princeton Art & Brush Co is right for you! Available in both long handled brushes for oil painting and short handled brushes for acrylic, watercolor and tempura painting, these brushes come in sets. 

These paint brushes are a more affordable alternative to buying brushes individually and are often considered "student-grade". In real world applications, this means that they commonly do not apply paint as perfectly as a better quality art brush and may lose a few hairs in your painting. That being said, they are perfect for situations when a more expensive brush is not called for. 

Varying from pack to pack, the bristles are made from:

  • Natural Bristle
  • Natural Camel Hair
  • Synthetic White Bristle
  • Synthetic Taklon Bristle
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