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Schmincke Soft Pastels

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One of the best soft pastel option available, Schmincke extra soft pastel sticks use pure pigments for absolute and true color. The finely ground pigments used are highly concentrated and have minimal amounts of binding agent, so you get excellent coverage. Schmincke Pastels are the #1 option for pastel painting and are a favorite choice among pros and serious hobbyists. 

As a matter of fact, pastels made by Schmincke are all hand-manufactured in order to assure artists that colors are consistent from stick to stick. At Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing, we carry an assortment of 200 colors. Remember, as with all soft pastels: be sure to use a fixative on your pastel painting when finished to ensure your artwork last for years to come.

Click here to open/dowload the full Schmincke Soft Pastel Information Guide, including a color chart.


Schmicke Extra Soft Pastels being used for a still life painting (in German):

How Schmicke Extra Soft Pastels are made (in German):

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