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Special Purpose Mediums

Special Purpose Mediums by Golden

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GAC (Golden Artist Colors) Specialty Acrylic Polymers are used as mediums to extend colors, regulate transparency, create glazes, increase gloss, or improve adhesion. These mediums only have a minimum amount of thickeners, and levelers to ensure good film formation. Each GAC is unique with its own benefits and application uses.

  • GAC-100: multi-purpose polymer that is useful for diluting and extending colors, increasing flexibility, sizing for fabric and sealing for wood.
  • GAC-200: promotes adhesion and film hardness. The hardest and least flexible polymer Golden offers. Dries to a clear, high gloss finish.
  • GAC-400: stiffens textiles and fibers, will dry to a hard stiff film.
  • GAC-500: extends fluid acrylics for a balance of film hardness and flexibility.
  • GAC-700: clear sealing polymer that increases clarity and transparency. Useful for sealing porous materials.
  • GAC-800: reduces Crazing(the formation of crevices in the surface) in puddles, pours, and other thin paint applications. Promotes a smooth and even finish
  • GAC-900: offers a very soft hand and laundering stability to produce tie-dye effects.
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