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Liquitex Varnishes

Soluvar Varnish by Liquitex

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Available in matte and gloss finishes, Soluvar Varnishes by Liquitex  safegaurds oil or acrylic paintings.  After your painting has dried completely, apply the varish with a brush to create a permanent, yet removable, transparent layer that protects from dust and other harmfull elements.  And don't worry, Soluvar is self-flattening and will not show brush strokes when dried. 

Soluvar also helps increase the color depth and intensity of a painting and conserves pigments by resisting yellowing, fogging and fading caused by heat and ulraviolet light. Also, it is fliexible, so it will not crack as the result of changes in humidity or temperature. For interior and exterior use. 

About varnishes from the folks at Liquitex:

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